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Drogheda Photographic Society Beginners Competition winner

Beginners competition 2014 – 1st place winning photograph from Erich

In April and May, The Drogheda Photographic society had a series of in house competitions that cover beginner and higher level entries.
The main purpose is to allow our members the chance to learn and improve along with their peers, and to get a general feel for
what can be accomplished with their camera.

Over the month of May and June, we will be adding some of the images with a small description from a selection of the participants with their permission.
Erich Sumperhofer entered the beginners level competition in April and we asked him to give a little introduction to his winning photograph.

This picture above was taken almost 10 years ago during a sailing trip through the Baltic sea off Northern Germany.
It was taken with a Nikon F60 – film camera using aperture priority mode, unfortunately I cannot provide any exposure information as I do not remember the settings, but it is most likely using an aperture of F16 or smaller to ensure that everything would be in focus.

I did take care that the sun would be hidden behind the sail, to limit the brightness in the picture and to ensure that the details of the ship would be correctly exposed.
I also took a meter reading from the sunlit wooden deck and used what is called the exposure lock function of this camera
(the camera switches to centre weighted metering when the exposure lock function is used).
Once this was done, I focused on the area around the mast of the ship and then took the picture.

When selecting pictures for entry into the competition, I chose this one because I felt that this image portrays the feeling of being confined on a small ship in the vast ocean and sailing into the wide open sea.

Erich Sumperhofer


Something to do for this Arts festival weekend

Along with the Drogheda Arts festival kicking off this coming weekend, we also have the Boyne 10K race taking place also!

Because of this, we thought it might be a nice way of getting people out and about with their cameras, especially our members!


The race kicks off at 15.00hrs (with a few society members running in it).
Events like these can be a great opportunity for budding photographers to practice some sports photography but also to capture some street photography along with the large crowds and events that encompass the race and arts festival.


The weather on the day is set for highs of 12 degrees, with low winds and no rain, so you should have the perfect opportunity to get some snaps.

Some locations for consideration:

  • West Street – Start/Finish, Warm up area on the steps of St Peters Church, Samba Band, Largest Crowd
  • Oldbridge/Water Station – half way mark, A real scenic location near the Obelisk Bridge
  • Riverbank Estate – At the top of what is now known as heartbreak hill, approx 1000m constant uphill gradient, you can expect lots of drained joggers at ths point!
  • Ramparts -  The last kilometre, another scenic location with a backdrop of Drogheda
  • Dominic Street/West Street – Last hill in the race and approx 300 metres from the finish line, lots of street festivities at this point

I’ve attached a few shots to this article to show some of the pics that I’ve managed to capture at recent events to give you some ideas along with the route map to help you select suitable locations

Boyne 10K Route Map

Happy snapping