An introduction to perspective

When it comes to planning the composition of your image, there are numerous styles and approaches that will suit your needs and personal taste, and  a lot can be learned when looking at how filmmakers are plying their trade.
One particular example that has been promoted recently is the use of symmetry by Wes Anderson in his latest release “Grand Budapest Hotel”.
If you have seen the recent trailer, you might notice that it plays on his preference to centre the subject in many of his scenes.

This can be viewed as either a play on an approach to perspective under the guise of the “Rule of Thirds” or the “Golden Ratio”, and with this take on perspective in mind, a new video provided by a filmmaker by the name of Kogondo has appeared on the web highlighting one of Andersons signature approach to many of his films.

Kogonda has also produced a similar review of Kubricks approach to “one point perspective” which Kubrick used to great effect in many of his films.

And finally, to give a very effective breakdown of the use of many forms of perspective used for staging a scene, an excellent collection from Ali Shirazi using “There will be blood” as the subject by Paul Thomas Anderson