Bridge of peace grafitti spin & zoom small file

Spin and Zoom

An introduction to Spin and Zoom by David Sheilds, from one of our recent group outings at the Bridge of Peace in Drogheda.

I first discovered this technique on You Tube from an American photographer called Bryan Peterson. This was my first time trying this technique and boy, did I get lucky.

The subject was the graffiti located underneath the bridge of peace on the South bank. I shot in aperture priority mode, and as this technique requires a ‘relatively’ long exposure time I dropped my ISO and aperture to my camera lens lowest settings.

Using my kit lens, ie the 18-55mm, I focused on the 3A in the picture at 18mm. Switching to manual focus, as I pressed the shutter release button I zoomed the lens to 55mm while at the same time rotating the camera/my hand from a three o’clock position to a twelve o’clock position.

David Sheilds

Bridge of peace grafitti spin & zoomBridge of peace grafitti spin & zoom

Bridge of peace grafitti spin & zoom

Camera Settings
Nikon                  D5200
Lens                    18-55mm kit lens
ISO                      100
Aperature          f22
Shutter Speed   1/3 second

Technique by Bryan Peterson displayed here: