stately home visit by Paul Murray

Stately home visit

A short article from our Co-ordinator Paul Murray on one of his days out describing the image below.

The sky was blotted with scattered puffy white clouds. Intense sunlight drenched the scene. After mounting the camera on a tripod, I followed my line of discipline which is based on the checklist of camera settings and values listed below:

— Manual Mode


— Shutter Speed

— Lens Aperture Value

— Camera Lens Focus / Automatic

The resulting photograph was unacceptable.

Shadows were clearly defined but the highlights were without image details. I waited for the sun to become obscured by cloud cover.

As I watched the blanket of light change from undiluted intense sunlight to diffused light I knew the brightness range was shorter. The camera was now capable of rendering the full brightness range.

Its not a photograph I would expect to excite the viewer or take first place in a Photo Competition but I like it – and for me, that makes it


Wide Angle Lens / Low Zoom Number
Lens Aperture Value: f22
Shutter Speed: 1/2 of a second
ISO 100
Camera Lens Focus / Automatic Mode
File Format: jpeg
Tripod / yes

 Paul Murray




Throw crop

A Stone’s Throw

Our last entry is the winning picture in the DPS advanced level competition

In April and May, The Drogheda Photographic society had a series of in house competitions that cover beginner and higher level entries.
The purpose is to help members learn and develop their photography within a group environment.

The last entry is from Daz, which as you can see below, is a unique and outstanding perspective of the Giant’s Causeway .

He also gave us a little insight into how it came about…..

After braving a windy walk down the trail to the causeway, the heavens opened, leaving the throngs of sightseers huddled together in any available shelter points. A 30 minute wait and the rain stopped, allowing these small dots on the landscape to seep gradually back out onto the basalt.
The sky began to clear leaving behind wisps of now empty clouds. Taking a somewhat unconventional viewpoint looking back towards land from the waters edge, the pattern of the stones and the perspective created by them as they point towards the cliff, weight the composition in the bottom third. The stones lead the eyes toward the cliff and from there to the cliff top, which seems to stretch and reach further into the sky. The peak is centrally composed, while supported by the mass of stone column foundations beneath.
With poor weather, wet, cold and overcast, a short reprieve thankfully offered a brief chance to capture the natural beauty of this landscape on this visit.


DazThe photograph was taken in Raw, at 17mm, 1/40s, f18, ISO 200. Post processing was carried out using Lightroom.



Drogheda Maritime Festival

There’s plenty on offer this weekend from the arrival of the tall ships (they’re smaller than you’d expect) to jet ski and wake boarding displays. These world class athletes will perform tricks, inverts and jumps..


Inver Colpa rowing club are hosting a race from Clogherhead to Drogheda Town with the triathlon club hosting a two kilometre swim in the Boyne for a few very brave souls.

For those feeling flush or wanting to look around the latest model of car, this years Drogheda Motor Show is being held in conjunction with the Maritime festival. Other on shore activities include an artisan food quarter, boat building workshops, maritime photography and art zone, funfair and plenty more.

This would be a great opportunity to get some unique shots of Drogheda (or keep the kids quiet) with something for everyone with the tall ships, action shots of the events on the water, static motor show, street photography to long exposure shots at night time which could have distinctive shots of the funfair at night.

The weather is fair this weekend with highs of up to 18 degrees and only a wee bit of rain. 1mm on each day.


Attached is the maritime festival website, schedule and some photos that I managed to capture at last years festival (not my best work). Others in the club may have some better photos and photos from around the town (I know Damian has a great photo of a ferris wheel from last year).